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Our club, at its center, follows our 3 basic Core Covenants..... Honor, Effort, and Respect. We develop an edge as a team in battle through living our core covenants.

Wolfpack Lacrosse is a travel lacrosse team based out of Central Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide youth players with opportunities and advantages to develop their skills in becoming better lacrosse players and taking their game to the next level. We focus on building a strong foundation of fundamental skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship....through a disciplined, well thought out practice structure that follows a growth curriculum.


When you become a part of the PACK you are joining a family. A family who prides themselves on holding each other to a higher standard. This includes our coaches. Our coaches will challenge and lift your players to a new level of play. We will incorporate all aspects of what it takes to be a teammate, as well as an athlete in our practice plans. Our coaches do this through ...


- Teaching Age/level appropriate skills through a designed curriculum

- In and off season speed and agility coaching and guidance

- Regular homework assignments for athletic and personal development skills

- Individual player progress/motivational meetings in person or on zoom

- Film breakdown and review

- Constant contact and communication


Program Philosophy......

Develop an edge in every battle with our effort, respect, and honor 






-Put school work first 

-Compete in every class 

-Sit in the front row where allowed 


-Knowing your assignments thoroughly 

-Burning desire to win 

-Courage to push yourself 

-Make the effort required to be in superior condition 

-Being more relentless than you opponent 

-Hustle at all times 




-Earn respect by being respectful 

-Making sacrifices for the team 

-Please and thank you 

-Always make eye contact 

-Clean up after yourself 

-Paying attention in class and practice 

-Be on time 

-No emotion towards officials 

-No excuses 

-Build up Teammates 

-Humble in victory 




-Honor your teammates with your best effort and attitude

-Devotion to each other

-Honor your opponents with you best effort and attitude 

-Honor your family, school and team with your best behavior 

-Honor yourself by staying with you obligations and promises

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